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Pursuit Through Triumph Career Coaching Package

How To Win That New Promotion Or Job You Really Want AND Impress Them During Your First 90 Days Through Your Own Personal Secret Weapon Behind The Scenes

Here's a special message for every executive or professional who wants to change jobs or perhaps even change careers -- but doesn't want to have to figure everything out and make this transition alone.

Hi, my name is Terry Kozlowski and if you want to experience greater working success on your own terms, then pay very close attention!

Sometimes successful people suffer from the idea that they're trapped in their current circumstances.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

And if you're a successful executive or professional who wants private career guidance to make a big shift in your world of work . . . then THIS may be exactly what you're looking for.

Introducing the "Pursuit Through Triumph Career Coaching Package "

I'd like to introduce you to the most comprehensive of all our Premium Career Concierge services offered through this website, the "Pursuit through Triumph Career Coaching Package." This is definitely not for everyone.

Unlike other options that are time bound, in this service offering, I will personally work with you for as long as it takes to assist you to go from where you are today to your next position. I will be your own personal secret weapon behind the scenes throughout your entire process, no matter how long it takes.

Strategizing What's Next For You

This includes identifying your next target opportunity, positioning yourself in your personal marketing documents (resume or C.V., etc.)and confirming YOUR requirements for your next role.

But that's not all, it also includes personal guidance through all your pursuing activities, interviews and negotiations until you accept a new role.

Positioning In New Role

And it doesn't stop there. I will continue to support you to successfully position yourself for success through your first 90 days AFTER you start your new role!

The "Pursuit through Triumph Career Coaching Package" gives you expert private support to make it simple for you to:

  • Gain expert guidance and take the struggle out of making the work transition you really want . . .
  •  Win the new position that's a better match for your priorities at this time in your life . . .
  • Experience less anxiety and feel greater peace of mind as you identify, pursue, gain and start your new position...
  • Understand yourself even better so you are positioned for even greater success in your career through new insights you'll gain about you and how to better sell you . . .
  • Avoid the mistakes that can be deadly in the first 90 days in the new position through continuing access to my counsel . . .
  • ... and much, MUCH more!

Now you may be wondering exactly how we will work together. So please allow me to tell you now.

Details for How We Work Together

As I said, this Pursuit through Triumph Career Coaching Package is the most comprehensive service option. This is the soup to nuts solution for the person who wants intensive private career support directly from me, Terry Kozlowski, over an extended time period.

We'll begin with my getting to know you well. This will include your history and prior successes, current situation and what you want instead. Then we'll immediately begin designing the strategy and tactics uniquely suited to you reaching your next desired position or other career goals quickly.

Here's How We Will Do That

We will schedule an evening and a complete day and you will get yourself to Chicago.

I will put you up with a one night hotel stay at a downtown Chicago hotel the evening before your all day intensive.

On that same evening, we'll begin with a get focused private dinner at a select Chicago restaurant. We'll share some personal time and also confirm your priorities for the following day to ensure we meet your goals.

The morning of the following day, you will be picked up and brought to my office and we will spend the day together.

We will spend the day in intensive private sessions from 9:00 AM to Noon and 1:00 to 4:00. We will also bring in lunch for you so you can use the hour between sessions for your own private actions such as checking in with your office, etc.

Your Goals Set Our Agenda

Depending on your goals, the specific tactics and strategies we'll work on together during our in-person time this day will vary. Since your day will be unique to you, describing exactly what we will do is premature right now. That's one of the reasons we confirm your priorities at dinner the evening before.

I will give you my recommendations for the best use of your time. And we will adjust and refine throughout the day to better meet your evolving needs and as we see how quickly we make progress in the initial focus areas.

To give you some examples, your day could include our focus to:

  • identify specific targets
  • update your resume or C.V. documents to make them even more impressive
  • conduct a mock interview with videotaping for a specific job posting
  • critique your performance and your messaging
  • use some special tools and resources I identify that are appropriate for your unique situation and needs
  • some combination of the above.

Completely Customized to You and Your Situation

Your day will be completely customized to you and your situation, and you will leave with your own unique and prioritized action list so you will know exactly what to do next.

Now the intensive day starts you on your new path, but your support and guidance doesn't end there.

Ongoing Email Support

You will have ongoing email support as you complete your initial actions and we identify the next best steps to get you to your current career goals. You can email me every day if you like, anytime you have questions.

Talk by Phone or Skype

We can also schedule time to talk by phone or skype and I will give you my private mobile number so you can reach me when something urgent arises.

Additional In-Person Sessions

And we can also schedule additional in-person sessions if needed, with no additional charge for my in-person time.

Continues Through 90 Days AFTER You Begin New Position

This is the only package that is not time-bound by the calendar. I will stay with you and be your advisor every step of the way, however quickly or slowly you move on your journey until you move to your next position.

But be aware too, that I have a strong focus on your speed to results. This means I will be encouraging you to take the right actions needed so that you can begin in your new position sooner rather than later.

Your private support from me doesn't end until 90 days after you have begun your new position. This is so you can get off to a strong start to avoid mistakes and confirm yourself as the star they hired or promoted.

So let's recap what you get in this package again quickly:

The Intensive Day

  • Your downtown Chicago hotel stay the night before so you're refreshed before we begin
  • Your private dinner with me the night before to discuss your priorities
  • Your in person private intensive coaching day with me from 9am to 4pm
  • Your day's results, notes and prioritized action list for your next steps

Ongoing Until Day 1 in New Position

  • Your unlimited ongoing email access to me for continued guidance and updates (daily, if you like)
  • Your ability to schedule phone/skype conversations as needed
  • Your access to my private mobile number for urgent situations
  • Your ability to schedule additional in-person sessions at no additional charge for my time

After Day 1 in New Position

  • Continued email, phone/skype, mobile and in-person support and guidance through your first 90 days in position

Now since this is not time-bound by the calendar and because of the extensive personal support I will be providing you, this is the most expensive of all the coaching options provided on this site. So it is not for everyone, and an application is required. Your investment in the Pursuit through Triumph Career Coaching Package is:



Potential Return on Investment

You may be thinking that's a lot of money and you would be right. It is.

Let's also consider those dollars in relation to your potential return on investment. In order to keep the math easy, let's say that you're going for something as modest as a $100,000.00 a year position.

Assuming you win your desired position, then you will recoup your investment in less than 2 weeks in your new job.

No promise that you will of course, as your career results are based on many factors specific to you including your skills, decisions and application.

And of course, if your total compensation and benefit package is much more than the 100K, you would see your return on investment even more quickly.

Not to mention the financial return from your salary in future years in this job, and the additional promotions possible as you begin from this new position as your new base.

Much Less Stressful and Easier Path to Your Goal

And don't forget, you also have the non-financial benefits of a much less stressful and easier path to your goal with the advantage of an experienced thought partner to hold your hand and allow you to talk things out throughout the entire process.

Clients Accepted by Application Only for This Package

Because the number of clients I can accept for this package is very limited, Fast Mover Career Coaching Package clients are accepted by application only. Click below to submit your request for consideration.

After you click the button you'll be presented with a short application form in the next two pages. Just take 5 minutes now and fill them in. As soon as you submit that information, someone will contact you to schedule time to speak directly with me.

We will talk about your goals and confirm whether you are or aren't a good fit for this package now and whether we both want to work together. I will also answer any questions you have and discuss your timing and payment method options

If we determine when we talk that this package is not right for you right now, I will suggest other options that may be a better fit for you.

If this is within your budget if we both agree to move forward, then please click the button below now to begin your short application. I look forward to talking with you.

Contact Us for Additional 1-on-1 Coaching Options

And by the way, if you don't think this is right for you right now, but would like some guidance on additional one on one coaching options at different price points with me or with one of the other coaches available through this site, please use the contact us option at the very top of this page.

But if you're a successful professional who wants private career guidance, understand this:

  • You gain assistance from experts in other aspects of your life, if you want to solve the persistent work-related problem you've been struggling with more easily and successfully, you deserve to get professional attention here too . . .
  • Use all the available shortcuts that will help you accomplish what you want both faster and with less stress than trying to figure it out by yourself . . .
  • You will be able to unburden yourself with no one at your workplace being aware of your participation so you can share your problems and concerns in complete privacy . . .
  • The sooner you get into action, the sooner you'll be where you really want to be.

If you are serious about making a change and want to discuss how the "Pursuit through Triumph Career Coaching Package" with Terry Kozlowski holds the key to your next success in your career,

Click the Button and Begin Your Short Application Right Now!

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